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GMAIMON's portfolio comprises pioneering ventures that lead global innovation, leveraging breakthrough technologies. Through strategic partnerships and cohesive team management aligned with the company's values, the group ensures value acceleration in each project.

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We develop a comprehensive platform that offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of electric vehicle owners. These services include financing and purchasing assistance, insurance coverage, road services, and secure charging facilities at authorized public stations recognized by our credit company.

Charging an Electric Car
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Introducing the first high-speed eye tracker that enables real-time measurement of cognitive state and emotions. This advanced technology tracks the dynamic interaction between an individual and their surrounding world, capturing natural responses in real world environments.

Man playing virtual reality with Microsoft HoloLens

ELGRY deploys a distinctive solar system named "Energy Island" that optimizes asset utilization by leveraging available spaces like roofs, walls, and open areas. These systems also incorporate storage stations to ensure uninterrupted operations as per demand.


Offer aesthetically enhanced solar solutions that seamlessly integrate photovoltaic systems into large-scale projects, harmonizing with the urban environment.

Sunset on Solar Panels
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Hatav Health Solutions is a lifestyle and health company that prioritizes promoting a healthy and high-quality lifestyle, providing excellent customer service. Chosen as the official and exclusive distributor in Israel, Hatav Health Solutions represents Aura air, a globally recognized provider of advanced air purification systems. The company has successfully obtained approval and recommendation from the Ministry of Health for Aura air purification systems, and is actively collaborating with the Ministry of Education to introduce these systems in educational institutions across Israel, ensuring purified air for students and staff.

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Tanacka strives to deliver the essential element necessary for a cyber security solution to be recognized as the best in the industry. Their hybrid solutions encompass atomic code generators hardware and proprietary software, combining military-grade cyber security capabilities.

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