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Our Services & Activity

GMAIMON Group leads in its invested business sectors and pioneers ventures that drive global innovation, leveraging breakthrough technologies.

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Entrepreneurship and innovation

The group specializes in establishing innovation focused technological incubators, enhancing their value through collaborations with relevant companies. Moreover, apart from developing companies, the group actively identifies and supports new entrepreneurs, secures resources, develops business plans, and fosters collaborations to propel their success.

Life Style

GMAIMON group specializes in the areas of improving the quality of life and promotes agreements for the purchase and distribution of health products, improving the quality of life and improving daily life.

The activity is conducted in collaboration with advanced companies on these issues. These companies join the group after their partial or full acquisition or alternatively in the formulation of trade agreements in Israel and around the world.

Life coaching
Business Meeting

Business collaborations

GMAIMON Group drives business collaborations with groups and companies to accelerate their growth and value, while actively participating in the development of private and institutional markets. The group fosters robust commercial relationships with both domestic and international companies.

What Do We Provide


The group aims to establish a highly efficient and advanced profit maximizing entity. To achieve this, a well-structured work plan incorporating relevant knowledge, tools, and skills will be implemented to drive value acceleration and ensure optimal profitability.


The product that emerges from the set of operations is unlike any way in which companies are managed today.
Creating a precise suit that eliminates unnecessary operations in terms of acceleration and efficiency gain and implementation in a precise plan.


By thoroughly examining the company's structure and aligning it with desired development objectives, we create an innovative and distinct framework that accelerates value across various dimensions: development, client base, competitive edge, resilience, and operational support structure.

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